Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Job Offers are ROLLING in

The time has come. . . possible future employers have made their decisions and I officially have three job offers! Now it is time to weigh my options and trust my instinct.

Job Offer #1: This position is on the Coast, with a BIGLAW firm, making mega money ($38,000 more than I make now) and having little to no time off (even weekends).

Job Offer #2: This position is with the State, great benefits, 8-5, but pays $4000 more than I make now with little chance to earn much more than cost of living increases.

Job Offer #3: This position is in Jackson, 8-5, exactly what I make now, but in six months I will be promoted and have the opportunity to make as much as I would make with Job Offer #1 with the flexibility of less hours.

Job Offer #3 is the one that I am leaning towards. What really is six more months at the same salary? Not that long. Plus, I will gain great experience and have the opportunity to make as much or as little as I would like seeing as I will get paid 40% of my billable hour. So, the more hours I bill, the more money I will make. It is completely dependent on the amount of work I am willing to put in to it.

I will let everyone know what I have decided, when I decide. Such major life decisions . . . I need time to pray and sleep on them.

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