Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Update

I have found a friend that can go with me this weekend!!!! While this is exciting because I cannot afford to cover my so-called friend's share, I am a little hesitant because it is a guy. I know this shouldn't be a big deal because we are just friends, but I don't want it getting back to the "ex" that I brought a guy with me to New Orleans especially since he has never met this guy before and I am sure he would take it the wrong way. I know that this is all stupid because we are broken up and it is none of his business and he shouldn't have any say, I just don't like the idea of him thinking things that are not the way they look. I just really need him to go to cover the cost because my other friend bailed. I am supposed to let him know today if it is okay, what do you think?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I am bummed today. I was supposed to be going to New Orleans this weekend with a friend of mine from the same town and meeting two other friends down there. Well today, I text messaged my friend in town and asked her to call me after 5 so that we can discuss weekend plans. I get a text message back that she can no longer go because her baby has been sick all week, causing her to miss work, and now she doesn't have the money. While I am sympathetic to the fact that she has a sick baby, I am now the one out of a lot of money. I was the one that purchased our tickets, which she was supposed to pay me back on the way down, I am now the one that has to drive to New Orleans not only by myself, but fork over the gas money, hotel money and her ticket money. After mentioned all this to her all she can say is "Sorry." She didn't even offer to pay a cent. What bothers me the most is that she didn't even call to let me know that she couldn't make it so that I could sell her concert ticket, find another friend to go with me or at least allow me time to save more money. We are talking two days before leaving and I am just now finding out. I am not quite sure what I am going to do about the whole situation. I don't want to have a miserable time because I haven't saved enough money, but I don't want to spend more than I budgeted for either and put myself in debt. I am very upset right now.
Sorry I have kinda fell off the blogging wagon here lately. Not much of anything has been going on here, and a little bit of everything. This past weekend was rather relaxing. I spent Friday night with the roommate and a friend. We cooked out at the house and basically caught up, listened to music, and enjoyed each other's company. Saturday was spent all day watching football. Living in the South, it is a necessity to be locked to the TV or at a football game every weekend. Can't break tradition. Sunday was rather productive. I got up, went to church, met the roommate at Cracker Barrel for Lunch, went to the movies and watched Fireproof (I must say this is one of the most thought provoking movies that I have seen in a long time. It is a must see!!!), then went to Wal-Mart and Pet Smart. Afterwards, I took my dog for a stroll and the neighborhood and then just enjoyed the rest of the weekend. It was nice to just relax and spend the weekend at home. Because the next couple of weekends are going to be crazy....

This upcoming weekend, I am going with a couple of friends to New Orleans for Halloween. YAY. This trip is going to be a little costly, but totally worth it. I have been looking forward to meeting up with my friends for several weeks now and cannot wait.

I am still contemplating JAMAICA......What do I do. I do have enough money saved up to go, but I am kinda nervous leaving the country basically by myself because I would have to the meet the people down there because they decided to take the trip a long time ago. I just cannot make up my mind.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Updated Sidebars and Goals Completed

I have completed another goal - I now have saved $500.00 in a gift fund for Christmas gifts. This is going to help out tremendously when the holiday arrives. I have also made the executive decision to now start saving all of my savings in my travel fund until that goal is accomplished. I am really wanting to go to Jamaica in December, but I am not sure if that is possible. I will need approximately $2000. I should be able to save that amount of money, I am just not sure it is logical in this economy to spend it. But I really really really want to go! I must make a decision soon so that I can purchase a plane ticket.

I am sure most of you pfbloggers would say not go, but I want to hear the pros and cons so give it to me straight!

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend turned out very busy. As one of my very best friends was getting married on Saturday afternoon there was plenty to do. On Friday night, I drove to Vicksburg, a town about 45 minutes from where I live and attended her rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Straight after the dinner I drove back home because I knew that Saturday was going to be packed full of things and very little time to get everything accomplished.

Saturday I woke at 7:00 and got ready to run a 5K at 8:00. I am proud to announce that I have completed my first 5 k and it took me approximately 34 mins. Not too bad as there were a lot of very steep hills and I had to walk 5 mins to get warmed up. After running I headed to get my nails and toes polished for the wedding. The bright red color really popped with my black dress. I then got cleaned up, headed back to Vicksburg and made it in time to help the bride get ready and take pictures at 2:00. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and the reception was just as great. She did a really great job picking out flowers and decorations and she looked amazing. After the reception, the bride and groom had rented out a bar in downtown Vicksburg for everyone to hang out. We stayed a couple of hours before heading back to Jackson and going out on the town. I finally made it home around 2:30 and crashed.

Sunday, my mom, roommate and I went to eat lunch and then headed to the zoo. The zoo was pretty interesting and the weather couldn't have been any better. After the zoo, my mom and I went to church and then came home, cooked dinner and watched a movie. After a long and wonderful weekend, I am ready for the work week.

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and stayed out of trouble!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Memphis here I come

I am going tonight with a good friend to Memphis to see one of my favorite bands. It is a bit irrational, and a last minute decision and probably not the smartest decision, but I am doing it anyways. I am only 26 and want to enjoy life. I do realize it is a work night and I am having to take off half a day tomorrow and spend a boat load of money, but I am happy. And I think that I have made the right decision for me.

So off to Memphis I go.....

Monday, October 13, 2008


Just had to post the shoes that I got to wear to the wedding this weekend! I know, they are fabulous, aren't they?

A Weekend Full of Spending

I am extremely busy today, but don't want to forget about ALL the weekend spending that I did. I spent A LOT....So, here is a bullet list

Gas - $28.50
Hair Cut and Colored - $85.00
Walmart - $18.42
Devines - $8.00
Dinner - $20 (went to a bachelorette party and didn't realize that tip was already included, so I added a $3.00 tip. Kinda makes me mad...)
Express - $118.78
Dillards - $218.88
Belks - $22.00

TOTAL-$519.58 (YIKES!!!!!!!!!)

Needless to say, I am broke...No more needless spending for the month of October....However, I feel that I can justify the shopping. My old roommate's wedding is this weekend and I just found out the ex is going to be attending; thus, I need to look HOTT...Enough said.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shower Gift

I am attending a college sorority sister's bachelorette/lingerie shower this weekend and happend to find her the perfect gift today for $20.00. Can you believe that $20.00. And it is adorable. I almost wanted to buy one for myself.

MS State Fair

Whoop, Whoop! The MS state fair is in town and I feel like a kid in a candy shop. A few friends and I went last night and it was fabulous! Although, I did feel a little sick as we were leaving. I am not sure if it is from all the greasy fair food or the hundreds of rides that go upside down. Either way, it was worth it!

Food - $17.00
Admission - $5.00
Wristband for unlimited rides - $25.00

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Have you ever had one of those days that every little just really pisses you off? Well, that is today for me. I have nothing really to be in a bad mood about, but I am just not myself.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Back from Alabama

This past weekend, I met my very best friend from law school and her finance in Tuscaloosa for the Alabama/Kentucky game. And let me tell you, it was a blast. We had such a great time catching up and just being around each other. I also got to meet a lot of her extended family, who were just as lovely as she is to me. While, I did go out both nights, I was able to keep my expenses low. My main expense was gas over there and back, but I was happy to spend it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I must admit that I am embarrassed by my spending habits in the month of September. I have really been going out/eating out a lot and justifying it to myself as enjoying the single life. Well, this girl's single life is starting to get expensive. I went over-budget in almost every category. Here are the cold, hard facts:

Food - $334.00 on eating out; $127 in groceries for a total food expense of $461.00. That means that I am $161.oo over my alloted $300.00 food budget.

Gas - This category I actually did okay. I spent $224.00 out of $240.00.

Shopping - $179.00/$100.00

Entertainment - This category really got me. I spent $239.00/$100.00. No excuses, I was enjoying myself.

Hopefully, by admitting to my September mistakes in writing, I will do better in October. However, I feel that this is also going to be a costly month. So far, I have almost every weekend planned -

Oct 3-5: Going to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama/Kentucky game and visiting my best friend from law school.

Oct 10-12: Bachelorette Party/Lingerie Shower

Oct17-19: Old Roommate's wedding

Oct 24-26: No plans as of yet

Oct 31-2: New Orleans for a concert

With the weekends being full, I am going to have to take it easy during the week!