Friday, January 30, 2009

Well, I have a contract on a house!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first home, I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got pre-approved for financing on Tuesday and things have been going smoothly since then. The pre-approval process was a little more difficult than I had expected. Not that it took much effort on my part, but they are really looking at the applications to make sure the purchaser will be able to afford their living arrangements. This is really the first thing that I have noticed where I was effected by the economy. Two years ago, it would have been a piece of cake to get financing. Now, all the details have to be ironed out before they will pre-approve you.

Next step, home inspection!

Friday, January 23, 2009


I thought that my life was moving along rather harmoniously. I have been drama-free and loving it. That is until last roommate and I are in the worst possible fight EVER. I am really probably going to loose it within the next three months that we have to live together. She is a traitorous B. She has just recently been separated from her husband (I say recently, since May when she moved in with me.) Trying to be a good friend and a good roommate, I have introduced her to all of my friends and helped her build connections with them. I found out last night that she has been making plans with them and telling them that I am too busy to hang out. Then she comes home and gushes about how much fun she has been having. How scandalous. How dare you try to exclude me from my own friends, which clearly you would not have if it wasn't for me. I have tried to be a true friend to you...but no more. Has anyone dealt with a similar situation? I am dumbfounded someone could be so cruel at 30. GROW THE F UP.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Buying a House

I have been seriously looking at the housing market and houses in my area over the past month or so and I have decided it is time to buy. I placed on offer on a house yesterday and received a counter-offer this morning. I am extremely excited about the possibility of owning my own home. All the details are definitely not ironed out as we have not agreed on a price, as I intend to make a counter-offer to their counter-offer ( it that considered another offer?).

This seems like the perfect place. It is in a decent neighborhood, less than 2 miles from my office, and immaculately maintained. The house was built in 1989 and has been upgraded gradually over the past 13 years (that's how long the current owners have owned the place.) Don't get me wrong, there are still some minor things that need to be done, i.e. the dishwasher and oven are 21 years old. But, otherwise, I love this house.

I am just worried that I am being a little hasty on making my decision. I only have about 3.5% of my down payment saved, which will deplete my emergency fund. However, my current lease expires at the end of April and I want to buy a place to move in before then. The current owners have yet to find another house, so they would be willing to stay in the house until April and then leave. That means that I will not have double rent and I can continue to save!

I will update as the negotiations continue....

Monday, January 19, 2009


My weekend went from one extreme to the other. On Friday night I decided that I needed ME time and stayed home watching movies by myself. It was very relaxing and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. My Saturday was rather productive. I started off taking my dog for a walk, went and picked up my dry cleaning, decided to go to the mall and use some sales coupons from Limited, and then headed to drive around neighborhoods looking at houses. Afterwards, I met a friend at the movies to watch Bride Wars. This is when my Saturday took a turn for the worse. I decided to go to a friend's house for a cookout. This led to going to a very high priced bar for drinks and then two other bars for more drinks and dancing. Needless to say, I got home around 3 in the morning, intoxicated, and discovered that my roommate had fallen asleep with the oven on and a pizza burnt to a crisp. Sunday was unproductive. I felt bad, went to a friend's for another cookout and played the Wii. I liked myself better Saturday morning. I have a tendency to over drink and spend too much money when I go out.

I also liked being in a relationship better. That is when I was in control of my feelings and emotions. Right now I am a mess. I am ready to settle down. Enjoy the company of that special someone and not have to go out and mingle with people. I am ready to go to dinners, watch movies and spend quality time outside of bars. But where am I going to meet this person if I hoard up in my house????

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gut Feeling

Have you ever woken up and just had this feeling that something was going to happen. Well, that happened to me yesterday morning. While walking to get in my car yesterday morning to go to work, I had this gut feeling that my car wasn't going to start. It has been unusually cold over the past few days, and I just thought that my battery was going to be dead. I was wrong. It cranked right up and I headed to work. After lunch, a co-worker came into my office and informed me that I had a nail in my rear, right tire and that air was slowly leaking out. Aha, I knew something was going to go amiss with my car today. We proceeded to take the car to a tire shop for them to plug my tire. I thought, well there goes $30 I wasn't planning on spending. The tire place was packed so I went back to work and they were supposed to call me when my tire was fixed. Around 3 hours later, no phone call. I called up there to check on my car and was informed that the tire machine had shredded my tire and the replacement was just arriving so it would be about 30 more minutes. I was dumbfounded. No one had called me to tell me there was a problem. They just ordered a new tire. Long story short, I ended up paying nothing and getting a brand new tire.