Friday, April 4, 2008


Some really hard decisions are coming up, and money is a HUGE factor!

I heard back from the BIGlaw firm on the Coast. Once they get approval from the main office (it is a regional firm), they are going to make me an offer. It is not a down deal yet, but there should not be any problem getting it approved. That starts decision #1. The bf has major concerns with me moving to the Coast without him. He is concerned that he may not want to move down there for another 2 years and we will be apart that time. But, the opportunity is incredible. I will get major experience, get paid double what I am making now which will go a long way in debt repayment, and I will be where we discussed moving.

Next, I went on an interview yesterday in Jackson (where the bf wants to stay for now) with a very small firm. The offer was quite interesting. He wants to hire someone and pay them 40% of their billable hour. Basically, I would not have a base salary. I would be an hourly employee. This scenerio could work for or against my benefit. For example, if I billed at a rate of $150/hour and worked 40 hours a week - I would take make 2400 a week. However, if I wanted to take time off or a vacation - I would be paid absolutely NOTHING. Otherwise, in I get a lot of experience and be in Jackson with the bf.

I also went on an interview in Jackson last week, but still waiting to hear back from them.

Now, I don't know what to do. Do I keep sending out resumes and going on interviews to find that perfect job in Jackson, do I move to the Coast and risk my entire relationship with the love of my life while working my *ss off but being greatly compensated, or do I take a job making hourly pay? HELP!!!! We are taking about a MAJOR life decision. And I am going to have a meltdown.

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Well-Heeled said...

Wow. That's pretty difficult.

Now, the reasonable and rational girl in me would say, take the Coast job, if your relationship is meant to be it'll survive.

But, the in-love-with-a-boy girl in me says, 2 years is a LONG time, especially when you're working in an intense job and then there's the distance thrown in.

Do you think your relationship can survive such a move? Would you regret your decision not to go to Coast if your relationship failed? Ideally, you'd get to have the job and the relationship, but if that couldn't happen, what would you choose?