Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Blackberry Curve 8310

Well, I broke down yesterday and bought a blackberry Curve 8310. Actually, the bf bought it for me for my birthday. (Technically, I paid for it because I had to in order to purchase it through AT&T and when my birthday comes around next month, the bf is going to give me the money for it). I am super excited about it, even though I don't physicially have it in my little paws yet. The whole ordeal was a huge mess.

I went to AT&T yesterday, and they were unable to get me the blackberry curve. My only other option was to get it online for $99. Yesterday was the last day for the sale and today the price went back up to $247. Needless to say, I needed to buy it yesterday. Well, I tried to log-in to my account, but it was blocked for some reason. It instructed me to try again in an hour. I was impatient so I called AT&T to try and order the phone over the phone. BIG MISTAKE. I must have gotten a customer service rep that was on his first day on the job. I spent over an hour on the phone with him before he attempted to transfer me to someone who could actually help and actually transfered me back to the beginning. I was so mad. I hung up, and low and behold, my online account worked and I was able to purchase the phone in seconds. I cannot wait for it to come in.

While there are SO MANY benefits to having the new phone, there is one drawback - the data plan. My monthly bill is increasing $30 a month. I am not sure where the extra money is going to come from, but is definitely coming from somewhere. I may have to cut back on my savings every month by $30. For those of you who already have a blackberry or similar PDA, do you have the data plan? Do you use the internet enough to justify the data plan? What are your thoughts?

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