Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Yesterday, the bf came home with some extremely exciting news - his parents want to take us to the Bahamas. Nassau in particular. I have never been to the Bahamas, so this sounds absolutely wonderful to me! I guess some of that "fun in the sun" money is actually going to come into use this summer. There are several things that I need to figure out:
1. Do you need a passport to go to the Bahamas or just a birth certificate? I currently do not have a passport, but need to apply for one as soon as possible if I need one.
2. When we are actually going so I can make sure I have the vacation time put in.
3. How much a plane ticket will be. (I am sure that his parents will pay for mine, but I think this is the least that I can do).
4. And what to pack. (Ha!)

Have any of you ever been to the Bahamas? I would love any tidbits that you might know.

I have decided I am not going to adjust my debt repayment. I am still going to put $566 towards cc debt reduction every month and $334 into my "fun in the sun account." I know that this means that I will probably not meet my goal of $6000 into my ING account this year, but it will definitely be worth it. And you never know, I might come up with some more cash somewhere. Plus, once I get the cc's paid off I can snowflake the remaining money until I reach the $6000 mark then start putting extra on my student loans.


nklsmom said...

yes but how is the lemonaide diet going??

pennypincher said...

Ha. Thanks for asking. It is probably the question on everyone's mind.

It went really well until last night around dinner time. I just couldn't hold out any longer! I guess I am just going to have to stick with working out and eating less. Especially now that I am going to the Bahamas. More motivation to look great!