Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Brand Loyalty

Since a lot of pfboggers out there are discussing their brand loyalty, I decided I will give it a shot and see how I rank up there. Like many of you, I am not very brand loyal. Or at least, not to many things. I would rather go for the bargain. Here is the rather small list of things that I can think of that I am brand loyal to.

1. All - washing detergent. I once heard that you buy the washing detergent that your mother used. Well, in my case, I am just another statistic because that is exactly what I do. My mother always used All and so do I.
2. Clinique foundation and pressed powder - I don't have to use any other Clinique product, but I must have their foundation and pressed powder.
3. Oil of Olay moisturizer - has SPF and feels great on your skin.
4. Excedrin Migraine - this works miracles. I have always had migraines and nothing seems to work as well as Excedrin migraine...at least nothing over the counter.

That is about all that I can think of right now. I don't think that four items is excessive. And the few extra dollars spent on those four items are definitely worth the money to me.

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