Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another Interview

I know this blog is supposed to be about money and finances, but I just cannot help but talk about my luck in getting interviews lately. I am starting to feel the decision to go to law school and spend two years clerking was the "right" decision, even with the market decline. I have not "officially" had on offer yet, but atleast I am being given the opportunity to prove myself.

That being said, I have an interview this Thursday! It is a very small firm (in fact only one other attorney). I am finding that pretty exciting. I will get a lot of first hand experience because it will only be the two of us to do the work and . . . maybe, just maybe, one day the practice can be bought out by me when this attorney is ready to retire.

The drawback - I don't know how much a sole practitioner can actually pay me. I am confident that my skills are worth more than I am being paid now. I can not afford to take a paycut with a student loan minimum payment of $807 due every month. Not if I ever want to pay it off, buy a "new to me" car, or purchase a house...all of which I want in the somewhat near future.

Nonetheless, I have the interview and I am excited about it. I put all my faith in God that one of the many opportunities that are presenting themselves to me is going to turn out to be the right decision for me. Prayer works miracles!

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Strange Bird said...

The loans are a killer, aren't they? With the way tuition is rising at UCLA, I figured my minimum payment will be over $1,200 monthly unless I get a *very* high paying job next summer (I have to volunteer this summer). That's even making interest payments in school, and with a scholarship paying my first year's tuition. RIDICULOUS!