Thursday, April 17, 2008

April Update

We are a little over halfway through April and I have decided to see how well I have been with my budget thus far. I am actually doing pretty well in every category except for misc. Too many things come up in which I don't have a specific category for and I place it in misc. Here is the breakdown:

Groceries: $86.43/$200
Eating Out: $62.36/$100 (I really need to watch this category. I am participating in Krystal's April Challenge and really want to stay within my $100, but there are plenty more days in April in which I could blow it. I am pushing it rather closely.)
Misc: $149.31/$70.50 (I am in the negative $78.81.)
Gas: $92.25/$160 (This category looks good so far, but I know that I will have to fill up at least two more times this month. And at $40 a pop I could easily lose this race.)

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