Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June Tracking

June is officially over and it is time to see how I did on last month's budget.

I paid off my credit card debt!

Prescriptions: 175.55/50. I went way over budget this month in prescriptions. I combine my personal prescriptions for the month along with my pet's frontline/interceptor. This month I decided to buy a six month supply on frontline which cost me $55.00. I also had my dog's annual vet visit where he got several shots/vaccinations.

Utilities: 47.73/100.00. I am not sure if this is a true estimate of my monthly utilities because it is the first month the my new roommate has been there. So, there may be some utilities that were paid previously when old roommate had transferred the utilities that were in her name to her new house. I should get a better estimate next month.

Groceries: 153.60/200. There was a week when I didn't have to buy groceries because I was in the Bahamas. Otherwise this number would have been really close to over-budget.

Eating out: 41.67/100. I did rather well with eating lunches and dinner at home.

Misc: 217.15/130.50. This category always gets me. If I don't have another category to place my purchase I add it to the misc category. I tend to go over-budget every month in this area. Need to work on that.

Gas: 91.99/160. I didn't have a chance yesterday to fill up otherwise I would have because my gas tank is pretty low. If I added another $60 on this amount which is probably about what it takes to fill up my measly 14 gallon tank I would have been pretty close to budget.

That is how I did this month, how about everyone else?

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change is a good thing said...

Good job! And yeah, no more credit card debt! That is fantastic!!