Monday, June 30, 2008

SideBar Updates

I took the chance to update my sidebars this afternoon. My financial goals for the year are looking great. As soon as my emergency fund is complete, I need to really work on increasing my student loan payments each month to reach my $10,000 goal. This goal is not to eliminate $10,000 worth of debt (practically unaccomplishable for me right now), but to pay $10,000 on my student loans of which about $300 a month actually goes toward the principle. My sidebars are updated as follows:

$723 towards student loan repayment. (I have traditionally been paying $807 each month to student loan debt; however, with the feds dropping the rates and having private, unconsolidated loans, my monthly payment went down at least for now. So my goal is to eliminate all private, unconsolidated loans FIRST.)

$715 towards my emergency fund

$100 towards my travel fund

$85 towards my gift/Christmas fund. (I actually have a couple of gifts to buy this month. It is my niece's 3rd birthday and my step-mother's birthday. I am hoping to work the gifts in my budget for the month without taking any money out of my gift fund. I am not sure it is possible though.)

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indebt said...

The sidebars are looking good!