Thursday, July 24, 2008


As I previously mentioned, I am hosting a bachelorette party for my old roommate the second weekend of August. We are having her Lingerie shower at my house on Friday night and then heading to Memphis to party on Saturday night. I originally had wanted to plan her party closer to her wedding (in October), but the other girls that volunteered to help ALL wanted the second weekend in August. *

Well, yesterday I found out that ALL three other girls that volunteered to host her party have backed out and are not coming. Only one girl, her sister, is actually sending money to help defray the cost. This is frustrating because I do not have the money to cover all her expenses and I don't feel appropriate speaking with her about it. She has been a very dear and great friend to me and I know that if the situations were reversed she would plan my bachelorette party without any help. The help is not really the problem though because I can plan the party by myself, it is a money issue. The only solution that I can come up with, is after finding out who all is attending the events to send them an email asking for volunteers to bring appetizers to her Lingerie Shower. I expect whomever is staying in her hotel room is expecting to split her cost and at dinner/bars her friends are just going to have to pony up. Any other suggestions?

*The second weekend in August was inconvenient for me because I start my new job that week and am not sure what time I will get off for a party that starts at 7 at MY HOUSE.


Crystal said...

Something you could do for the shower is to call up all of the girls who will be attending and tell them you are trying to put together a recipe book for the new bride. Ask them if they would they bring their best appetizer, salad, desert, etc. to the shower and a copy of the recipe for the bride. I found some really cute recipe cards at the Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago, you could have them all write their recipes on matching cards (or collect the recipes and compile them yourself). The dollar store has some cute photo album type books that would be cute for holding them, and they probably have index card file boxes too. Doing this would take a lot of pressure off of you as well as give the bride an extra (inexpensive) gift.

pennypincher said...

YOU'RE AWESOME! THIS IS A GREAT IDEA. Thank you so much for sharing. This is definitely what I will be doing!

Sallie's Niece said...

That's annoying - we had someone back out of my sister's bachellorette party at the last minute which really sucked. It's a delicate situation - friends, weddings, money but I think since you are hosting people should be calling you up asking what they can bring. And don't feel shy about saying you need x, y, and z. Especially booze - everyone should BYO.

pennypincher said...

I definitely put on the invites BYOB, because that is one expense I am not willing to fork over.