Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I have a lot running through my head right now, so this is going to be sporadic.

  • I made my 8th no spend day for this month yesterday!

The only bad part is that I am sure that I will make up for it this weekend in Memphis. A girl can only save so much, right?

  • I spoke with my future boss yesterday.

My first day is Monday, so I am supposed to go by this afternoon and tell him how I want my office furniture to be placed. I am really excited. I have been working for the State for two years now, and we do not have such perks here. In fact, your furniture stays how "they" place it. I am also thrilled to meet everyone that I will be working with at my new office. I have only had the opportunity to meet some of the people, but today I will get a chance to meet EVERYONE. I hear only good things about the people that work in the office, so that is a good sign.

  • My jewelry came in yesterday.

I can finally mail my step-mother her birthday gift! (Her birthday was July 17th). Better late than never.

Otherwise, I don't really have too much going on in my world. I am super busy at work trying to wrap up all of my projects since tomorrow is my last day. I am driving home tomorrow after work to get my hair done Friday morning and then driving directly back to head to Memphis for the weekend. August is looking to be just as expensive as July. I am going to be broke....

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Britt said...

ooh, new job! that's so exciting! Can't wait to hear all about your first day. Have fun in Memphis!