Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jewelry Party Part 2

As I am sure that most you can guess, I am a sucker and ending up spending $48.69 at the Premier Jewelry Party last night. But, I killed two birds with one stone. Not only did I get myself two cute bracelets and a scarf, but I got my step-mother a birthday gift.

I got one bracelet by signing up to host a party in August. And guess what - I get 30% of my sales to use towards FREE jewelry. And if my guest spend over $450, I get 50% of my sales. Sounds great to me because there was a lot of very cute, affordable, jewelry that I would love to add to my collection for my new job.

In addition, by signing up to host a party I got my step-mother's gift for $10. I only had to purchase one item. (This is how I got suckered into buying the second bracelet that I got). If I didn't buy one item I had to pay full price for my step-mother's bracelet which cost $49.00. So, in the end, I won by getting both bracelets for $48.69.

I got the scarf for free also!

Although I have attended several of these parties, I have never actually hosted one. I think it is time my friends re-pay the favor and come over to shop!

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indebt said...

Oh, I love these parties. They can be a lot of fun. You didn't spend 'to much' -- nicely done!