Wednesday, July 23, 2008

August Plans

I have two very expensive weekends starting off August. The first weekend, the bf and I are heading up to Memphis to catch a Dave Matthews/Willie Nelson concert. Expenses include:

Ticket plus misc at concert - $100.00
Gas - $25 (we are riding up there with another couple)
Meals - $80 (one expensive dinner with drinks on Friday night and then Saturday and Sunday's lunch and dinner)
Vet - $30 (have to board my babies)
Birthday gift - $30 (t-shirt at concert. However, this will come out of my gift fund)

Total - $265
This money will come from various places including travel fund, gift fund, and groceries/dining out.

The following weekend I will be hosting my old roommate's bachelorette/lingerie party. We are again heading to Memphis. Expected cost for the weekend:

Food for Lingerie Shower - $100.00
Lingerie Gift - $30.00
Gas to Memphis -$35.00
Room - $75.00 (my share plus part of the bachelorette's)
Dinner - $50.00 (my share plus part of the bachelorette's)
Beale St. - $100.00 (my share plus part of the bachelorette's.)

Total - $390.00. WOW, things really add up.

I am hoping some of these costs will be defrayed by other friends willing to help. I may dish out some of the food responsibilities and others should help with her drinks and room. Needless to say, once the $390 is gone, that is all I have.

That is $655 in just two weekends. Look's like the other two will be low key.

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Sallie's Niece said...

Oh man those bachelorette parties go get expensive but have fun at DMB! I went in June: great friggen show as always!