Thursday, June 26, 2008


I learned a valuable lesson today, CVS quickly runs out of their advertised items. I decided today was going to be the first day that I signed up for a CVS ECB card and start collections ECB's, but guess what - every item that I was going to get (toilet paper and ALL washer detergent) were already out. I am thinking that the trick is to go either Sunday, the day the CVS deals appear in the paper, or early Monday so as not to miss the sale item. I will give it another go on Sunday and let you all know how I did.

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CVS Could Not Care Less said...

The problem is that CVS Store Managers order the items for a sale 10 weeks out. Most Managers Zero everything out and only order the toilet paper and the paper towels. Part of the problem is that the store gets so much stuff on truck day they can't store everything. Then the Manager tells you the distributuin center didn't send the stuff.