Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Spending

This weekend was a wonderful weekend. My father and step-mother came into town and we had the best time. It was a little sad when they left on Sunday because I already miss them so much. How did I do with spending this weekend? Really well. My father wouldn't let me pay for as much as I had planned. Go figure. I should have expected this, but I really wanted to treat him. Here is the run down:

Friday night dinner - free. The bf's father treated us all (the bf, this mother, my father, my step-mother, and me) to dinner on Friday night.

$25.00 on concert ticket. My father paid for the tickets for him and my step-mother. That meant that I was only responsible for mine. Well, my roommate's boss gave her tickets for the weekend and she decided not to go on Saturday so that meant that the bf and I each had free tickets for Saturday and only had to buy Friday night's tickets at $25.

Saturday morning breakfast - father treated.

Saturday night dinner - father treated.

$5 on a slice of pizza at festival. Since we ate an early dinner to have time to make it to the festival, I was hungry by late evening and had to get a slice of pizza out there.

That means out of the $200+ that I had budgeted for the weekend, I only spent $30.00. I have to say a pretty nice surprise!

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