Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Grocery Shopping

The bf and I had a rather inexpensive stop at the grocery store last night. This week I worked really hard at planning our weekly menu with items that were on sale at Kroger. My portion of the grocery bill for the week was $25.30. We bought:

green onions - 50 cents a bunch
strawberries - $2.50
grapes - $1.29 a pound
chicken - $1.79 a pound
Ragu - 3/$5
Fettuccine noodles
frozen french fries
grated Parmesan cheese - $4.99 (a little more expensive than I would have liked)
light cream cheese spread
premium beef hot dogs - 2/$5
wheat hot dog buns - $1.89
4 cheese rolls - $3.49
chicken broth - .69 cents
Tilipia - $6.99 a pound
instant grits
lemon juice - $1
chili sauce

That gives us enough chicken for six meals, tilipia, and hot dogs. We bought enough hamburger meat last week to make five meals. So the next few trips to the grocery store should be even less than the $50/$25 a person we have been trying to stay under. So far, so good, for this month. Too bad it isn't always this easy.

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