Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Unexpected Vet Expenses

Last week while I was in the Bahamas I had to board my 5 lb puppy (G) at the vet's office. Since I received G as a birthday gift from my bf on June 1, 2007, it was time for his yearly vaccinations while he was being boarded. So when I returned from my trip, I owed the vet $175 for his services (7 days of boarding + shots).

As if that didn't hurt the budget bad enough, G has been sick the entire time since I picked him up. As soon as I got him home on Sunday, I laid down some food and he ate the entire bowl like he was starving to death. I filled the bowl back up and he again wiped it clean. I decided not to give him any more, since he usually has a bowl of food down all day and eats a few bites here and there. Then the mess started. G has had the runs every about two hours for the past three days. I have had to bathe him a minimum of 12 times because his hair is long and it gets all in it. Needless to say, it is disgusting.

Well, after another long night of getting up every two hours, taking G outside to use the restroom, giving him a bath, and getting back to sleep, I decided to call the vet this morning. I thought that he would feel better by now, but he hasn't. They want me to bring him in this afternoon at lunch because he risks the chance of becoming dehydrated. Looks like an unexpected vet expenses is going to clear my bank account this month.

All for the love of dogs.

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Sallie's Niece said...

Oh no! My cat got sick this morning too so it must be going around. (I think she just ate too fast though.) I hope your dog feels better soon!