Monday, June 9, 2008

Job Update

About 5 weeks ago I accepted my next job. The job search was a long and difficult process and required a great deal of soul-searching. As my current job comes to an end on July 31, I had no other option than to get back in the market and find future employment. While it was stressful, it was exciting at the same time. I was searching for a job that meet all of my specifications in a life-long career. Since I don't plan on switching jobs anytime soon (especially in our economic state), I had to find that perfect job. The right people, the right pay, the right environment. I must report I believe I found that perfect job without compromising a thing.* And that is a great feeling.

Well, my future employer called me today to see if I could possibly start earlier. Apparently he is super busy and could really use the help. Of course, he realizes that I have a commitment to my current employer and it is not mandatory that I start sooner, but it would be nice. There are several benefits to starting earlier. I could knock-out my six month probation period, I could start building my clientele, I could learn the work environment, and I could prove that I am the woman for the job. However, while all of this seems ideal - what do I do about my current employer? Should I just mention the situation to him and see what he says? Should I go about my daily grind and put in my seven more weeks? Should I feel guilty I want to leave and start my new job?

Don't get me wrong. I love my current job. And, but for, the job only be for two years, I would be happy to stay here long-term. That is just not an option. So, it is not like I want to leave my current job, I know that I must leave and I am ready to get that transition underway. I guess it is the unknown on the other side that has be a tad bit curious.

*I say I didn't compromise a thing and by that I mean things that are important to me. Of course there were several compromises - one being on whether to move to the Coast for a job or stay in my current location to be with the bf. There was the compromise over pay - straight salary or salary plus commission. Etc. With every decision there are always compromises.

Feel free to tell me about any situation that you may have experienced that is similar and what you decided to do.

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