Friday, August 8, 2008

Lingerie Shower

The time has come for the Lingerie Shower/Bachelorette Party weekend. We are going to have so much fun, I can hardly stand it. But of course, nothing ever goes exactly as planned...

For instance, Wednesday night I had two different girls call and RSVP for the shower. And while that is wonderful for the bride, it is trouble for me. I only booked one hotel suite (three queen beds) for six girls, well with two more coming that is eight girls in ONE room. I tried to call and get another room, but apparently it is the start of Elvis week in Memphis and every room is taken. Where are these people's manners? Who lacked in the etiquette department about RSVPing? It wouldn't be so bad, except we ARE GOING OUT OF TOWN. Where did you think that you were going to sleep? Both girls said they wouldn't mind sleeping on the floor (which is exactly where they are going to be), but come on girls, we are 26+ years old. We all have jobs and can afford a room without splitting one room between 8, count them 8, girls. And sleeping on the floor is the only solution. So girls - bring your blankets and pillows because it is going to be a long night.

In better news, I have so much fun stuff for the weekend. I have bling rings (thanks Sallie's Niece for the great idea), I have white boas because we are all wearing black dresses, I have candy necklaces, I have glow in the dark bracelets, I have a game of "truth or dare", I have the bride a "suck for a buck" t-shirt, and a fabulous veil.

Also, this is exactly what I need after a very stressful, fun, relatively easy-going, first week of work. It has been hard to plan all of this, but it will be well-worth it if the bride has a great time. She is truly one of the most thoughtful, considerate, nice, fun girls in my life.

And don't forget the budget, I am hoping to come out of this weekend spending less than $150.00. I will let you know if that is possible at the beginning of next week. So far, so good.


Crystal said...

Happy to hear your new job is going well. I hope you have an awesome time this weekend :-)

Bailey said...

That is a tough task, to go to a bachelorette party weekend and only spend $150. Best of luck.

I am going to a batchelor party in Chicago later in September, and even though we are all in our 30's, have good jobs and families, we are doing 5-6 to a room. You don't get rich by spending money. Always be ready and eager to save!

Also, if ever there was a time to start taking pictures for the blog, this weekend would be it! :-)

Brooklyn said...

Your attitude about planning/paying for the bachelorette party was a big eye opener for me. I always look at these things as a huge burdon and never enjoy myself. I even ditched my own cuzins party because I didn't want to spend the money. I feel bad!! But good for you. I enjoy your blog!