Monday, September 22, 2008

Sidebar Updates

It is that time of month again - time to deposit money in my savings accounts and update my sidebars! This is a great feeling. Especially, since I reached my goal of having $3,000 in an Emergency Fund. I actually have $3,152.78. Now, I must decide if I want to increase my Emergency Fund goal up to $5,000 or put any money above the $3,000 into my student loan debt repayment. I wanted to pay $10,000 in student loan debt repayment this year, and I am going to be shy if I don't start allocating more money. But, with the market the way that it is I am a little nervous to get rid of cash. Any suggestions??????

As far as my other two goals:

My travel fund is standing at $301.24 and my Gift Fund is at $426.04. My gift fund should be close to $700.00 by Christmas time, but I hope not to have to use that much. Of course, I have two weddings to attend before then.

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