Sunday, September 14, 2008

Made it Through Another Weekend

I made it through another weekend, but I can officially say that I am broke. Going out all the time is very hard on my pocket book. I have not been doing well on making the rational, pinch the pennies, decisions. I am afraid to even type the amount of money that I spent this past weekend. Here is goes:

Gas before the hurricane: $40.00
Wine for dinner: $14.50
Dinner: $63.00 (One of the best 5 course meals that I have ever had and completely worth it).
Drinks after dinner: $17.00

Lunch: $12.00

Donation: $3.00
Brunch: $20.00
Grocery run: $45.23

Total weekend spending: $214.73. Ouch.....Not to mention there are two more weekends left in September. I have got to get myself in control. This week I am going to try and do dinner and lunch at home until Friday and then me and three girl friends are heading to the Coast to the casino. I doubt that we do a lot of gambling. Just plan on laying out by the pool and checking out the bars at night. I am really looking forward to a weekend away. I am thinking that this next weekend will have to come out of the travel fund. That's why I say for travel, right? What did everyone else do that was fun for the weekend?

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