Monday, September 15, 2008


Sunday was a house cleaning day for the roommate and I. We decided after church and lunch to both meet back up at the house and spend the afternoon cleaning. And boy did it turn into a project. I decided that cleaning meant purging my closet of all the clothes that I have either (1) not worn since the beginning of the year or (2) have never worn. I was particularly surprised at how many clothes that I had in my closet that still had the price tags on them. You know, the ones that your grandmother gives you for Christmas that you would never be caught dead in. Well, after several hours, I ended up with approximately $1,000 worth of clothes to donate. I made sure to donate whole outfits. Someone is going to get really lucky. Most of the clothes were in pretty good shape, either just did not fit me the way that I would have liked, were too big, or were just not my style. My closet still seems a little cramped, but I am happy to be getting rid of the clothes that I purged.

Mission for the week: get the bags to goodwill and keep track of my tax credit.

Side note: I am well aware that I could probably sell the majority of the clothes on Ebay. Especially, the ones with the price tags. However, I do not have the time or energy to list all of the clothes, package them up, and ship them out. Call me lazy, but I would rather just donate them.

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Crystal said...

That's really cool of you to donate all of those clothes! You're right - someone will be thrilled to get all of them. And it's good for you since you will be able to claim it as a charitable contribution on your taxes. It seems like a win/win situation all the way around. Good for you for being so productive :-)