Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Living Arrangements

Yesterday after work, my roommate and I meet with the new real estate agency that has taken over managing our duplex. The new agency wants us to sign a 12 month lease, but I am not sure that I want to sign more than six months. My concerns are linked to the "ex." Conveniently or inconveniently now, the "ex" lives approximately five houses down from me on the same road. Therefore, we are both forced to drive by the other's house everyday. While this is not a problem so much right now, once either one of us starts dating again, I think it will become a big problem (at least for me). I am sure that he will start dating again before I do because I am not emotionally ready right now.

Anyways, I am now stuck with the decision on whether I want to move out now or sign a new 12 month lease. While me moving makes the most sense - the "ex" owns his house, he actually bought his house first, and I took a job that now requires me to commute 20 mins each way - the rent is very reasonable, it is not an apartment, a can have my dog, and it really helps to have a roommate to split all the bills with me. I LOVE the place that I am living in at this point in my life. I just hate the fact that I cannot get over the "ex" because he is right there. I am terrified of the day that I notice a girl at his house.

I am just really not in the mood to make life altering decisions right now. I need time to process all the things that are happening in my life and make a sound decision on what I WANT. That is way I would prefer to sign a six month lease. I have tried negotiating with the real estate agency. They are supposed to cal me back to let me know if they agree with my terms. I refused to sign the new 12 month lease yesterday while I was at the office because I am not sure that is the best decision for me.


FruGal said...

I would be looking in another part of town if I were you. You don't need that sort of pain, and even if you're sure you're over it, you are going to always have this morbid interest in what's going on at his place. I know I would.

Britt said...

12 months is a long time, especially if things are changing. Would your roommate relocate?

Ms.Hart said...

I bet they will let you sign a 6 month lease. That gives them time to make decisions about what they want to do with the place. Seeing that they are the new ..whatever they are. (im tired)

Anyway, I am a huge proponent of starting off fresh. It will rejuvinate your life. Change is good sometimes. So I say, accept the 6mo lease and make plans to get away from your ex.