Tuesday, September 16, 2008


After reading Fabulously Broke in the City's blog entry this morning, I decided that maybe it was time for me to make some goals for myself. I believe this will help me determine who I am and what I am capable of doing for myself. Some of the things on this list are a little scary for me personally, but they are all attainable in my mind. That being said, here are the ten goals that I would like to accomplish before turning the big 3-0!

In no particular order. . . .

1. Go skydiving: My cousin recently did this and absolutely loved it. She is the cousin that could convenience me to do anything and we would have fun at it. She actually called and asked me if I wanted to go with her on my 26th Birthday, but I already had plans and she lives 6 hours away. Now, I wish that I would have gone. But, it is never too late to give it a shot.

2. Travel abroad: Another regret that I have is never going international during my college studies. I was signed up to go, then September 11 happened and my parents did not want me to leave the Country. While understandable, I definitely want to take a European vacation by the time that I am 30. Additionally, my aunt and uncle live in Korea. My father and step-mother are planning to go visit them sometime in the year 2009 and I would love to go with them.

3. Scuba Diving: The past June I went to the Bahamas for the first time. I looked into getting scuba certified and going scuba diving with the "ex", but we didn't have enough time. I would like to get scuba certified in the States within the next couple of years and take another trip to a beautiful location and go scuba diving.

4. Reduce student loan debt under $80,000. I know that $80,000 is still a lot of money. And if I thought that I could possibly reduce my student loan debt within the next 3 1/2 years to less than $80,000 I would definitely strive for that goal. I just don't see how it is possible with all the other ambitions that I have and want to accomplish.

5. Own a house and put at least 20% down. With the amount of student loan debt that I currently have, it is impractical to own my own house. I would be spreading myself financially too thin. But I hope that I can save at least 20% for a down payment and own a house by 30.

6. Be bar certified in D.C. I am qualified to be bar certified in Washington D.C. I just have yet to take the required time and get all my application paperwork and money in to the commission. Not to mention, that it requires traveling to D.C. to get certified. I have never been to D.C. and cannot wait to go.

7. Go white water rafting.

8. Open a Roth IRA. I know, I know. Many of you are probably reading this and cannot believe that I do not already have one. But, I plan on opening one this year and contributing $5,000/or the maximum for every consecutive year.

9. Buy a new car. My car is currently 7 years old and has $88,000 miles on it. It is still in good working condition, but I want a new one.

10. Own a piece of furniture not previously owned before me. What girl doesn't want something that she has picked out solely for herself.

What are some of the goals that you want to accomplish for yourself??? You never know, I may add to my list based on your suggestions.


Britt said...

I like this list. I think I'm going to make one, however I might not be so brave as to post it like you. It might be hidden under my bed. :)

I'd love to travel, pay off debt, own a house, get married...the list goes on!

Foxie said...

One of my guilty things is having new furniture my husband and I purchased last year when we finally got to move in together... I didn't have much, he had nothing, so we did need it, we just didn't have to go brand new... (But it was paid for with cash, does that make it better?)

My youngest baby (car) is seven years old this year, she's my husband's daily driver. My own darling girl, whom I daily drive, is eleven years old. Depending on the make of your car, seven isn't old by any means! (My seven year old is a Honda, my eleven year old cutie is a Mazda.)

I'd want to make a list like this, but with a full ten years to go before I'm thirty, I might come up with too many things...