Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Goal

I have signed up to run a half-marathon with my roommate. She is a avid runner, but I can barely run a mile. Ha. We started training on Monday and once I can run for 30 mins straight we are going to kick it in high gear. We have decided to run the MS Blues Marathon. The MS Blues Half Marathon is Jan. 3rd so I should have plenty of time to get my butt in shape. I will make regular posts as I progress.

Has anyone run a half-marathon. What do I need to do to adequately train? Did you start off without ever really being a runner before? I am a little nervous now that I have committed myself, but I will feel so accomplished to complete it before 30.


indebt said...

Awesome! It should be a blast.

I've always ran...since public school, then got into personal training and aerobics instructing.

have you ever hear of this:

It may be helpful


Britt said...

Ooh! Good for you! You're going to feel so accomplished when you're all finished. I'm doing a half ironman next June, which includes a half marathon, which I have never completed, so I'm kinda in the same boat as you. Lots of training. As long as you keep it up, you'll be ok. Try a running club or something, often, they have interval training or hill training that makes you better, faster! :)

Strange Bird said...

The trick to running for 30 minutes is, when you feel like you just can't go on and you are dying to walk, switch to a slightly slower jog (and don't even think about walking again). And speed up again as soon as you catch your breath. Eventually, you won't need the slower intervals.

change is a good thing said...

I ran the Portland marathon a few years ago. I had planned to walk it, but as I was training, I started running parts of my route and as I continued training, I was running more and more each time. Build your distances a little more each week and you will do great! It's a really great goal to have. Look forward to hearing how it goes for you.

Brittany said...

"That's my ice cube..."

I kept rewinding the Tivo and laughing hysterically!

It wasn't a "knocked my socks off" kind of episode - but I still loved it and am ready for more!