Friday, September 19, 2008


This weekend I am going on a girl's weekend to the Gulf Coast. And we are all super excited. The 3 other girls that I am going with just found out yesterday that they passed the Mississippi Bar Exam and are now officially Attorneys. That being said, there is a lot to celebrate this weekend. For me, it is more of a time to get away and hang out with some good friends. And explore my new single hood.

As for the financial aspect of this weekend...I am bring $180.00 and hoping that is all that I am going to need.
Hotel Room - Comped by the Aunt (thank you dearly, without you it would be a much more expensive weekend)
Gas - $30.00
Vet to kennel my dog - $25.00
Entertainment money - $125.00 - This will be for all food, gambling, drinks, bar covers, etc. We are basically planning on going out all night and sleeping in late and relaxing by the pool all day if not too cold or raining.

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Britt said...

Have a great trip!