Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Turn For The Worst

Upon until yesterday I was actually doing pretty well with my budget. Of course, I had gone off track a little with the gas and misc expenses portion of my budget, but this was the first month so I knew there was going to be some discrepancies. But, yesterday I blew it.

After my interview yesterday morning (which I hope went rather well), I had the rest of the day off. That turned out to be a problem. First, I decided to go to blockbuster and rent a few movies. That is not bad because I have (equivalent to Netflix), so the rentals didn't cost me a penny. Then, I got the phone call from the bf. I have asked him for a new cell phone for my birthday. Mind you that my birthday is not until May, but he has been doing research. My cell phone is three years old and on its last leg. If you put the phone down too hard on the table, it turns itself is barely holding a charge, and the camera doesn't work. I disgress. So, the bf called and asked me to go to the AT&T store and play with some of the phones that he has picked out. Again, I was able to get out of the store for nothing.

However, I was out and enjoying the sun and shopping. I decided to stop a walgreens. I walked out of walgreens having spent $13.00 that I didn't need to. I bought finger nail polish and a new dog bed for my puppy.

That is not the end of it. The bf friend got off work and we decided to talk the dogs to the lake. It was absolutely beautiful outside. We ended up staying longer than we expected and then we were both hungry and neither felt like cooking. You guessed it...we went out to eat. We ended up spending an additional $35.60 that we didn't intend on spending this weekend.

I guess every weekend cannot go as planned. You live and you learn. Thank goodness payday is Monday. Onto a new month and hopefully a better budget. As of right now, there aren't any unexpected expenses due. But we do have a couple expensive weekends planned. I think that I am going to have to start putting more into my misc fund. The fund I use for weekend plans. I am just not able to make it on $70.50. That would require us to stay home almost every weekend. Although that may be ideal, it is just not practical for the two of us.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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