Friday, March 14, 2008


When I first opened my ING account on Jan 4, 2007 with an initial deposit of $250, so the sweet bf could get a referral, I was earning approximately 4.5% in interest. WOW, I thought. This is incredible. So, I quickly set up my monthly draft of $250 and the account grew and grew! Now, even with upping my monthly deposit to $500 a month I am still not earning as much in interest because of the decline in interst rates. Currently, it is at 3.1% and I fear for further declinement. I know that I should not complain because some is better than none, but I wish it would go back up to 4.5%. Those were the days.
Last year I earned $180.17 in interest and I was hoping to double that amount in interest this year. I will keep everyone informed as time progresses if I am able to meet this goal with declining interest rates. Why cannot everyone put more money into the ecomony (while I continue to save) and get us out of this "soon to be called" recession.

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