Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The First Step

After carefully declaring my 2008 goals in yesterday's post, I started doing a little excel spreadsheet calculations (although I cannot figure out how to insert the excel spreadsheet into my blog...sorry for the mess below). Here is what I have come up with. Please let me know where I can pinch the pennies in my budget to increase my savings power.

Fixed: Per Month: Per Year:
Rent 425 5100
Student Loan 807 9684
ING 500 6000
Comcast 60 720
Credit Cards 400 4800
Prescriptions 50 600
Utilities 100 1200
City Services 27.5 330
Groceries 200 2400
Eating Out 100 1200
Misc. 70.5 846
Gas 160 1920
Total: 2900 34800

While $2900 a month does not seem like budgeting, I am forced to spend that much because of the amount of student loan debt that I have collected over the three years of law school.

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change is a good thing said...

I think your budget looks great! Good for you for putting so much in savings each month, even more than you pay in rent! That's impressive! I say go with this budget for a couple of months, then you will see where you are falling in different categores, you may need/want to adjust some things then. Looks good to me though. Great work!