Thursday, March 20, 2008

DVD Sold

I sold the first DVD of many listed on Ebay last night. Black Hawk Down went to the lucky winner. It turned out to be a great deal for both of us. I was able to de-clutter my house, make a little extra money, and pat myself on the back for selling my first item and the lucky winner got a DVD that has been watched only once and in excellent condition. I really hope that more and more start to sell over the next couple of days. The more I sell, the more I am going to list.

The bf and I have also decided what we are going to do with the money we make off Ebay. We are going to buy ourselves a new ditigal camera. We had a great camera, but seemed to have misplaced it around New Year's. It was a Canon SD850IS. We will probably re-purchase the same camera since we both loved it, but neither have the money to do so right now. I wish we could just fine our other one. I am sure that it will turn up as soon as we make another purchase. Ha. Isn't how things like that always work.


change is a good thing said...

Yeah! So glad to hear you are already had some success! Have a great weekend!

HighClassLowIncome said...

Good job! I have been putting off listing stuff for WAY too long, I should probably tackle this sometime soon. I'd really like to declutter a little as well!