Monday, October 20, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend turned out very busy. As one of my very best friends was getting married on Saturday afternoon there was plenty to do. On Friday night, I drove to Vicksburg, a town about 45 minutes from where I live and attended her rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Straight after the dinner I drove back home because I knew that Saturday was going to be packed full of things and very little time to get everything accomplished.

Saturday I woke at 7:00 and got ready to run a 5K at 8:00. I am proud to announce that I have completed my first 5 k and it took me approximately 34 mins. Not too bad as there were a lot of very steep hills and I had to walk 5 mins to get warmed up. After running I headed to get my nails and toes polished for the wedding. The bright red color really popped with my black dress. I then got cleaned up, headed back to Vicksburg and made it in time to help the bride get ready and take pictures at 2:00. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and the reception was just as great. She did a really great job picking out flowers and decorations and she looked amazing. After the reception, the bride and groom had rented out a bar in downtown Vicksburg for everyone to hang out. We stayed a couple of hours before heading back to Jackson and going out on the town. I finally made it home around 2:30 and crashed.

Sunday, my mom, roommate and I went to eat lunch and then headed to the zoo. The zoo was pretty interesting and the weather couldn't have been any better. After the zoo, my mom and I went to church and then came home, cooked dinner and watched a movie. After a long and wonderful weekend, I am ready for the work week.

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and stayed out of trouble!

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Britt said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!