Thursday, October 2, 2008


I must admit that I am embarrassed by my spending habits in the month of September. I have really been going out/eating out a lot and justifying it to myself as enjoying the single life. Well, this girl's single life is starting to get expensive. I went over-budget in almost every category. Here are the cold, hard facts:

Food - $334.00 on eating out; $127 in groceries for a total food expense of $461.00. That means that I am $161.oo over my alloted $300.00 food budget.

Gas - This category I actually did okay. I spent $224.00 out of $240.00.

Shopping - $179.00/$100.00

Entertainment - This category really got me. I spent $239.00/$100.00. No excuses, I was enjoying myself.

Hopefully, by admitting to my September mistakes in writing, I will do better in October. However, I feel that this is also going to be a costly month. So far, I have almost every weekend planned -

Oct 3-5: Going to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama/Kentucky game and visiting my best friend from law school.

Oct 10-12: Bachelorette Party/Lingerie Shower

Oct17-19: Old Roommate's wedding

Oct 24-26: No plans as of yet

Oct 31-2: New Orleans for a concert

With the weekends being full, I am going to have to take it easy during the week!


Rebecca said...

Put this in perspective...your quality of life is good and you are no where near as irresponsible as 80% of this country. I think you deserved every penny of it!

Strange Bird said...

Well, you just got out of a long relationship, and better to go over budget one month than be depressed. But now that you've got that part out of your system, time to start reigning it in again. :)

asgreen said...

I feel like a lot of pf bloggers had trouble in September. Here's to October and another chance!