Monday, October 20, 2008

Updated Sidebars and Goals Completed

I have completed another goal - I now have saved $500.00 in a gift fund for Christmas gifts. This is going to help out tremendously when the holiday arrives. I have also made the executive decision to now start saving all of my savings in my travel fund until that goal is accomplished. I am really wanting to go to Jamaica in December, but I am not sure if that is possible. I will need approximately $2000. I should be able to save that amount of money, I am just not sure it is logical in this economy to spend it. But I really really really want to go! I must make a decision soon so that I can purchase a plane ticket.

I am sure most of you pfbloggers would say not go, but I want to hear the pros and cons so give it to me straight!


Britt said...

I've been to Jamaica, and while it was probably the most beautiful place I've ever been, I felt very very unsafe there. Maybe stick to a secure resort.

ClassyLady said...

Hi! I'm glad I found your blog. Seems like we have a few things in common (finished law school 2 years ago with massive debt, clerkships, trying to pay down loans, starting a pf blog).

My vote: Go to Jamaica! If you budgeted for it, then its your money to spend!