Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lost Track

Unfortunately, I have been VERY bad at keeping track of my budget this month. I have been out of town every weekend. That has caused me not to keep up with receipts and make sure which categories I am staying within budget. I do know one thing for sure - I have spent $237.08 on gas this month. That is $77.08 over budget.

I know that there has been plenty of talk on the blogs about limiting weekend trips with the rise of gas prices. While I have not been limiting my amount of travel, it has definitely put a kink in my budget. I am having to cut back in other areas (i.e., disconnect cable) in order to pay for the increase. I value the time spent away with my bf more than I do the daily cable.

If you are like me and cannot seem to limit your travel over the weekends, what areas have you found to cut back on in order to afford the gas prices?

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Sallie's Niece said...

I can't decrease travel because I have several family commitments this summer but I recently switched from taking the train to taking the bus when I do go home (no car!) or getting a ride from my boyfriend. When even that gets to be too much on his budget he drives me to a commuter train on his way to see his parents so I can ride cheaply ($10) to go see mine. I've always been a fan of mass transit but lately the Amtrak prices have increased while their reliability has decreased. Greyhound is much better/easier on the budget!