Thursday, May 29, 2008

10 Tips on How to Make Your Car Last Longer

MSM had a very interesting article on how to get more out the car you currently own, rather than buying a brand new car. The article listed 10 tips on how to make your car last longer. In case you missed the post, I will re-cap what the article said.

1. Change your air filter so that your car breathes easier. While it is typically common knowledge that your car regularly needs to have its oil changed, don't forget the other fluids and filters within your car.

2. Keep your car at the proper coolant level. To prevent your car from over-heating, the car's cooling system is a vital organ. Always make sure there is enough coolant.

3. Keep your tires at the right inflation level. The tires are often the most neglected part of the car. Keeping your tires at the proper inflation level not only saves on gas, but could actually save your life by preventing blow-outs.

4. Get regular check-ups. Take your car to a mechanic and allow that one mechanic to service your car every time.

5. Give your car a check-over. Every so often, the article recommends checking over your car - lifting the hood and looking at fluid levels, hoses, and how the engine is running; making sure that all lights are working; and that your tires are wearing evenly. Looking over your car will allow you to spot a problem before it is too late.

6. Get on a maintenance schedule. Reminder the earlier tip about always seeing the same mechanic. Here is another benefit of that action, the mechanic will know the last time your car was serviced and what was done, and can keep you on a regular maintenance schedule.

7. Keep it clean. Take good overall care of your car. Wash/wax the exterior often, and don't neglect the interior.

8. Drive Safely. Don't gas your engine when taking off or speed along so fast that your must brake hard to stop. Driving safely will not only save you on gas, but keep your car's engine running smoothly.

9. Keep it covered. Try to park in a garage or carport, but at the very least cover your car. You will want to drive your car longer, if it looks better.

10. Pay attention to your gauges. If your car is messing up or is low on fuel, oil, etc. - your car's gauges will most likely tell you. So be sure to pay attention to your gauges.

I found this article to be very interesting and right on point. I definitely plan to make a few adjustments to the way I treat my vehicle. I am in the category of not really checking my tires for the proper inflation level or wear and tear. Additionally, I am sure that my car could use regular check-ups with the same mechanic. Did any of you find the article helpful? In what areas could you improve? Do you have any other tips on how to properly care for your vehicle?

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