Thursday, February 19, 2009


I feel like ranting this Thursday morning. So, here it goes......why in the world would your bring your child with the flu into the office with you? A co-worker of mine just walked in with his 3 year old son who has the flu. Come on Dad, take off work. I promise this office will survive without you for the day and we will call you if anything comes up that is an emergency. But, don't bring your contagious child into the office who runs around everywhere and touches everything. It is distracting enough to have a child in the office.......ugggshhhh....I had the flu last year and I never want it again.

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moody said...

that is insane, on a few levels. first, no kid under like 7 should be allowed to stay in an office for extended periods. under that age, they're going to run around and get into things. they can't help it. second, i can't even begin to understand why he would risk getting everyone else sick. third, shouldn't the kid be at home, laying down, sucking on oj?

i'd be annoyed too.