Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am planning on going with a really good guy friend of mine to a concert out of town on Saturday night. We are just friends, but it is not to have plans for V-day. This is the first year since I was 17 that I have not had a boyfriend on V-day, so needless to say, it shall be interesting. We are planning on staying the his step-brother and his wife house. Therefore, I feel obligated to bring something. And I have the best idea. I found a heart-shaped bundt cake pan at Walmart yesterday for $17.00. Then, I went to the grocery store and bought the ingredients to make the cake for $34.66. I bought enough ingredients to make 3 of these cakes plus a chocolate pie, so it really isn't all that expensive. I made one cake for work, making one cake for my mother's boyfriend, and making one cake to bring as a gift. I will have to take a picture of one of the cakes to post at a future date on this blog.

The funny part of the story is that the cake recipe is from my ex-boyfriend's grandmother. It was his favorite cake and to die for....I am just passing on the love on V-day.

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