Friday, February 20, 2009

I deposited $300.00 into my home down payment fund this morning. I wanted to deposit more before I actually have to close on the house, but I had to spend $300.00 in cash to pay the Home Inspector (which was completely worth it).

The home inspector found two fairly minor details that needed to be fixed in the house. (1) the fireplace needed sheet rock around the vent and (2) an electrical outlet needed a breaker. The current homeowners are fixing the problems immediately.

So, all is well on the home front. I am waiting for the current owners to find a place to purchase themselves and then we will set a closing date. The closing must take place no later than April 15th, but the later the better for me because I have to pay rent until April 31st


Jerry said...

Good luck with everything. I hope you found a good homeowner's insurance policy. If you shop around it always leads to getting a good price. I hope everything goes well.

Bouncing Back said...

it's not such a bad thing to have a couple weeks between the closing and the end of your lease. It gives you "time" to move from one place to the other and not be so stressed out about getting out of one home and into the other