Friday, January 23, 2009


I thought that my life was moving along rather harmoniously. I have been drama-free and loving it. That is until last roommate and I are in the worst possible fight EVER. I am really probably going to loose it within the next three months that we have to live together. She is a traitorous B. She has just recently been separated from her husband (I say recently, since May when she moved in with me.) Trying to be a good friend and a good roommate, I have introduced her to all of my friends and helped her build connections with them. I found out last night that she has been making plans with them and telling them that I am too busy to hang out. Then she comes home and gushes about how much fun she has been having. How scandalous. How dare you try to exclude me from my own friends, which clearly you would not have if it wasn't for me. I have tried to be a true friend to you...but no more. Has anyone dealt with a similar situation? I am dumbfounded someone could be so cruel at 30. GROW THE F UP.


JD Maybe said...

This kind of stuff happens to me all the time. I'll bet you a million dollars your friends are on to her. People that act like that are hurting inside. If I were you I would just ignore her because she wants the reaction and if you dont give it to her she will stop.

Arual said...

I agree with JD....she is acting this way because she is still hurting. My guess is all the fun she is having actually feels really fake to her and she is looking for real feelings. I know in past breakups I was so hurt inside that anything I did felt like an act and I would actually talk it up to make myself feel better. here is a question for you: if you weren't busy, how come you weren't making plans with your friends too?