Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gut Feeling

Have you ever woken up and just had this feeling that something was going to happen. Well, that happened to me yesterday morning. While walking to get in my car yesterday morning to go to work, I had this gut feeling that my car wasn't going to start. It has been unusually cold over the past few days, and I just thought that my battery was going to be dead. I was wrong. It cranked right up and I headed to work. After lunch, a co-worker came into my office and informed me that I had a nail in my rear, right tire and that air was slowly leaking out. Aha, I knew something was going to go amiss with my car today. We proceeded to take the car to a tire shop for them to plug my tire. I thought, well there goes $30 I wasn't planning on spending. The tire place was packed so I went back to work and they were supposed to call me when my tire was fixed. Around 3 hours later, no phone call. I called up there to check on my car and was informed that the tire machine had shredded my tire and the replacement was just arriving so it would be about 30 more minutes. I was dumbfounded. No one had called me to tell me there was a problem. They just ordered a new tire. Long story short, I ended up paying nothing and getting a brand new tire.


Britt said...

thats ok! I get those "gut feelings" about random stuff like that too :)

A said...

I had that once. I dreamed that someone was vandalizing my car. I woke up to a call at 8AM from my apartment manager telling me my car had been broken into overnight. I didn't get anything for free, but I did have to pay $150 for a new window that ended up breaking my car door.

Jerry said...

Wow, that's terrific. I thought the story was going in a completely different direction. Sometimes those gut feelings lead to bad things but in this case it was good. And, you didn't have to involve your insurance or shell out any of your own money. Now, that's a good day!