Monday, November 10, 2008

Last Weekend

I had a great weekend!!!!

Friday night I drove over to Birmingham to meet up with the best friend. We went to the Alabama Theatre to see a concert. The concert was great, as is the theatre. The only downfall was that they stop serving drinks before the end of the first set, which meant we had two more hours with nothing to drink...not even water. I understand running out of beer, well not really, but to run out of everything to drink....come on. I ended up buying a t-shirt for $25.00. A little expensive, but I am glad that I got it.

Saturday, we woke up and drove to best friend's home town. Her and her finance just remodeled their condo and we went to cook out for the Alabama/LSU game and let me see the new place. We had a fabulous time!!!!

Sunday, after much lounging around, I drove home and arrived back around 9:00.

Overall not much money was spent (less than $100).

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Rebecca said...

I can't wait to be in your position...Having fun on the weekends! I'm ready to play grown up now. I'm jealous but I like the stories!