Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This has been a crazy few days. Over the weekend, me and a couple of friends headed down to Orange Beach to catch a three night Panic run. Which was awesome. The beach was too cold to lay out, but we ate at some great restaurants and had out of this world beach drinks. YUMMY. However, on Sunday night at the show I lost my driver's license. I didn't think of this as a very big deal because I just bought a house in Mississippi and needed to change my license and plates over to this state. The thing that I didn't realize was that you needed to present a valid license from another state to get a new license. I am assuming this is because they want to make sure that your license hasn't been suspended or revoked in another state. This is not working out in my favor because neither the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles or the Mississippi Highway Patrol will communicate with each other to verify that I have a valid Louisiana license. Big headache and a lot of waiting on hold to no avail.

Then as I was leaving work last night around 8, I couldn't find my car keys. You guessed it, I had locked them in the car. I had to call a friend to drive me home and back to work this morning and then called Pop-A-Lock. It look the guy who came out 40 mins to unlock my car. He said he usually could unlock a vehicle in about 5 mins. So, $40.00 later, I now have my car again. I am beginning to think that God is telling me not to drive. The good thing is that I called State Farm and my insurance has roadside assistance. Thus, when I submit the receipt, they will reimburse me the expense.

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Jerry said...

That is awesome that your insurance has roadside assistance. I remember the days of having the buy AAA every year. Congrats on the new house, too. Did you end up selling your old house? I hope all goes well with that.